Established1975 in Switzerland today AMT AG is one of the leading suppliers of high sophisticated turnkey thermal spray installations, thermal spray components and thermal spray spare and wear parts for customers around the whole globe.

During the last ten years AMT-AG delivered more than 100 thermal spray installations, equipped with the latest process control and safety technology. Typical AMT customers are active but not limited in the Aero business, LBGT industry, Pulp and Paper segment and in the Automotive market.

Type MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray Controller

The latest AMT modular type MP 200 Multi Process Thermal Spray Controller is designed to control the following spray processes:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Spray Process (APS)

  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray Process (HVOF) for liquid fuel and gas fuel applications

  • Combustion Flame Spray Processes (with poser and wire material)

  • Low Pressure and Vacuum Thermal Spray Processes (LPCS and VPS)

  • Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray Process (CAPS)

Integrated Coating Facilities (Thermal Spray Systems)

Typically AMT integrates the MP 200 Thermal Spray controller into a turnkey coating facility that consists of the following components:

  • MP 200 Control Module with operator friendly touch screen panel, integrated possibilities for data logging, remote diagnostics and spray jet diagnostic system – the AMT Xplorer

  • MP 200 Gas Modules with mass flow controllers for all process gases and latest safety technology, available for nearly all spray processes

  • MP 200 JAM Module and cooling water distributors

  • MP 200 TWIN or SINGLE powder feeders with mass flow controlled carrier gases and weight scale for fully closed loop control. Incl. a wide range of powder canister sizes and types.

  • MP 200 PulseArc 1000 Plasma Power Supply with secondary chopped technology

  • Cooling water heat exchanger, or chiller

  • Handling system , specially designed according to the customer needs with either robot controlled or CN controlled handling components

  • Sound room with automated over roof opening door for easy loading and maintenance access. Incl. all necessary installations for a superior overspray dust extraction.

  • Dry filter system fulfilling the latest global environmental standards

All components used in the integrated spray installations meet the highest quality standards and are made in Europe. AMT-AG is still flexible enough to integrate the majority of the commercial spray guns available on the market into the MP 200 control system, as there are F4-MB, 9MB, 3MB-II, F100, F2-A, 3-Cathode Gun, JP5000, K2, DJ, JetKote, 6P-II, 5K-C, and so on.

Type AP 80 Plasma Controller

As an alternative to the MP 200 Multi Process Control System AMT developed a rigid type AP 80 Plasma Controller platform with type Flow Tube measuring systems for all plasma gas flows. This PLC based control system is easy to operate and is settled in the lower price segment. Nevertheless all applied components fulfil the very high AMT standards and the latest safety and environmental standards.

Application Development and Process Support

Experienced AMT engineers are ready to support customers in:

  • Spray process and handling training

  • Work piece tooling and masking development support

  • Coating evaluation and qualification support

Coating Shop

Beside the equipment business AMT AG Switzerland is still a contractor for supplying coating services for several local customers in Europe, which ensures the high level of coating know how. Here the customer enjoys all benefits out of a one source supplier:

  • Work piece preparation with washing and grit blasting

  • Thermal spray coatings with Plasma and HVOF processes

  • Finishing with grinding and polishing

are all part of the AMT supply chain which guarantees a short response time and an easy handling for the end customer.


In Spring 2011 our organization's quality management has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 and the GTS (Association of Thermal Sprayers) QM Guideline GTSPA003